History of the Little Black Dress

Published: 06th April 2011
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Some rules were meant to be broken. This couldn’t be more true for that one iconic piece in the world of fashion: the little black dress. Prior to the 1920s, black dresses were associated most closely with death, the uniform for mourning women. Fashion designer Coco Chanel revolutionized the little black dress in the 1926 when she introduced a black, calf-length dress in Vogue magazine. Editors raved, calling the dress it a "uniform for women of taste." From that point on, the ‘LBD’ became a permanent staple in women’s fashion.

The little black dress has transformed greatly over the decades, but has remained a fashion favorite for almost an entire century. In the 1940s, women started to join the workforce in support of the war and black dresses became everyday work wear. In the 1950s as new fabrics became common and affordable, LBDs were being offered in many styles ranging from the modest house dress to the sultry halter dress, popularized by Hollywood actresses.

The 1960s introduced women’s styles with shorter hemlines, hence the mod mini-dress, while dresses from the 70s were characterized by feminine fabrics such as lace. The black dress was embraced by businesswomen of the 1980s, embellished with bold details such as shoulder pads and waist ruffles. This was reversed in the 1990s, when supermodels popularized simple, body conscious dresses and grunge styles such as the baby-doll dress. Today the LBD remains a wardrobe essential in women’s fashion and comes in endless styles and fabrics to suit the needs of all kinds of women.

One of the main reasons the LBD’s popularity skyrocketed is its ability to flatter. Black dresses are available in styles that suit many different body types. Many women love black dresses because the color black is known to be universally slimming. It is widely recognized as a wardrobe staple because of its extreme versatility. The right LBD can be dressed up or down to take you from work to play with ease. Black dresses also make a great base for any outfit that can be transformed with accessories and layering pieces such as jackets and cardigans. Finally, little black dresses look good at any age. Whether you’re 16 or 60, a great black dress can make you feel sexy and confident.

The key to any outfit is finding pieces that fit and flatter. Little black dresses are an easy and stylish way to achieve a great look. With a variety of beautiful options available, you’re guaranteed to find a LBD that makes you look and feel amazing. One source that offers many stylish and affordable black dresses and other unique pieces is Peacock Plume, an online fashion boutique based in Austin, TX

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